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148 pages
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Advantage Craps

by Roger L Ford

Customer Reviews

One of Top Systems of All Time!, May 29, 2001
Reviewer: Kent Russell (San Jose, CA USA)

I have played craps over thirty years and tried out hundreds of system. This is one of the top two or three systems of all time. The first review about this book is not very fair. The author does not recommend continually placing the 6 and 8 nor does he recommend continuously increasing the wagers. The author uses placing the 6 and 8 occasionally as conditions warrant. This system controls losses better than any place betting system I have ever seen. He also describes a system for selecting pass line and donít pass wagers which is the best I have seen. The two strategies complement each other and together make for one terrific winning system!

Although this system takes a careful reading (which the first reviewer did not do), it is an excellent performer. It wins at a very high rate, controls losses, yet allows you to run up high wins on cooperating tables and has strong built-in money management techniques.

If you want a powerful system, of this caliber, Advantage Craps is your system.

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