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Winning Casino Craps


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The simplest, best book on craps, January 18, 2004
Reviewer: Robert Graves (Thompson Station, TN USA)

Winning Casino Craps is the ultimate book on craps. It's basic enough for the beginner to understand and get playing immediately, and yet has enough advanced strategy to give the more experienced player a statistical edge beyond any other game in the casino. Besides covering the rules, including different sections on "right" betting and "wrong" betting, the book also distills the statistical realities of the game and outlines a specific plan to best exploit those statistics. The result? Your best chance at beating the casinos, at almost 50:50 odds. He even has a section on managing your money at the table, regardless of how deep your pockets are.

Speaking from experience, I have had excellent success with this book. There are three people I know of that use Silberstang's methods - myself, my father and another close friend. We are all up significantly over years of using it. Specifically - and this is 100% true - my friend was gambling in Tunica and was down to $10. With only this last $10 chip on the table and using Silberstang's strategy exclusively, there was a hot roll that lasted forty-five minutes. At the end of the roll the guy next to my friend had made over $3000. And what did my friend make on the same roll using the methods taught in this book? $10,000 on the *exact same roll.*

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